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Understanding the Energetic Signature of your Shadow

Everything is energy, and how something is energetically vibrating is how things will be manifesting on the surface. This means for EVERYTHING in your life – your relationships, your body, your work, your living arrangements, absolutely everything has an “energy signature”. Your energy signature means you are vibrating in a certain way.  

Problematic Energy Signatures

As people progress through life, familiar negative experiences often happen. These unwanted situations are unintentionally created, however we seem to keep coming up against the same issues over and over again. Perhaps you attract the same type of lover or situation in relationships; come up against the same problems or type of people in your working environment; or keep running over the same old argument with your lover or family members.  Maybe you have reoccurring or inherited health problems that limit the joy you experience in this life. 

The Impact of the Energy Signatures

Whatever it is, it is blocking you from being the highest version of yourself and living your highest potential. The impact of these blocked energy patterns can keep you isolated and alone, and feeling like you are unworthy of or don’t have the confidence to live the life you know or wish you could be living. You are unable to attract the right person for you in relationship or work in that job where you can shine and do what you love to do, or have the friendships that are supportive and fun; and for some of you it is not being able to have the healthy body in where you can do all the things you want to do in your life. 

 Unlocking Your Love Blocks is about venturing into your Shadow

The answer to unlock or shift these energy signature is in delving within your own energy field and soul; deep into the shadows of your own being to shine the light on what program is running deep within.

When you are stuck within your shadow you are unable to see the light of day. You keep repeating the energetic signature of your blocked shadow and you feel useless and powerless. You often feel confused and you forget the power of gratitude and compassion for others through your own selfishness. Your ego takes over and the world moves around in it’s 3-d consciousness with every man for themselves.  It is about surviving rather than thriving. 

Understanding your Shadow

We all have a shadow. It is the part of us that is afraid, limited, doubting who we are; egotistical, defensive or attacking;  and perhaps struggles to embrace his / her true power and insists on blaming situations and others for where they are at. Taking the journey into your shadow is like taking a red pill; once it is done you can not go back. Your perspective begins to change, and you can no longer fall back on the perceptions, beliefs and excuses you once had to mask and appease your fears. 

What can you do to shift your energy signature to one that is more productive and empowering?

These energetic signatures that create these patterns in your life are your “karmic patterns” or your “karmic shadow”. That does not mean that you are being punished or that you are destined to have bad luck in love or money etc. These are patterns that your Soul is trying to break through so that you may grow and evolve. 

Once you unlock the door to these patterns and understand what they are and how they are affecting your life, where they came from, you will have a dramatic shift in consciousness. As that process begins to happen you are filled with understanding, compassion, often forgiveness for yourself or others, and you begin to shift the energy signature. Your vibration begins to change, the patterns or blocks become unlocked and your outside world begins to shift. 

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca-Lee’s work will take you deep into your heart and connect you to your Soul. Her work encompasses the mind, body and Spirit and takes you journeying through your energetic body, then into the higher ethers and beyond, whilst keeping you grounded in your body and on the Earth.

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