Friday, November 25, 2022

Rebirth Magazine

Rebirth is brought to you by the Spiritual Events Directory.

Rebirth engages spiritual leaders and innovators to inspire readers and encourage them to expand their awareness and make inspirational changes in their own lives.

Each contributor is encouraged to provide tips and tricks to help readers learn how to follow their heart’s desires; covering everything from Heart & Mind Meditation to Blessing Way ceremonies for mum’s-to-be, Astrology and delicious mouth-watering recipes provided by 4 Ingredients celebrity cook and regular contributor Kim McCosker.

Rebirth Magazine, with its eye-catching brightly coloured covers, is available bi-monthly.

Sarah Watkins
Sarah Watkins has been the proud owner of the highly successful and influential Spiritual Events Directory since 2012. Spiritual Events Directory (SED) is a global media company specialising in showcasing conscious leaders through various media platforms.

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