Friday, November 25, 2022

How empaths can flourish in the great awakening

Being an empath and energy-sensitive is often overwhelming, particularly when you don’t really understand it and how it affects you and you haven’t learnt how to manage it. In this time of accelerated “awakening” here on Earth, many empaths are “coming on-line”.

What this means is that many empaths are more hyper-sensitive, or becoming aware of their empathy and/or energy sensitivity then ever before.  This new intensity can be experienced in a variety of ways such as dreaming, weird visions, physical discomfort, to overall intensification and/or mental, physical and/or emotional discomfort, frustration, depression and more.

We all have an opportunity now to transcend our old 3d reality into the golden age. And although for most of us, these are the most strangest, hardest times collectively and globally we have lived there is certainly opportunity to out vibrate anything that keeps us off our higher path.

This is a time for many Empaths to become more aware of their gifts and be able to better able manage them. Here are some tips in how to manage your empathy –

  1. Spend time in nature – it sounds cliché yet it is so powerful. You need to clear your energy field regularly of the energies and feelings that you pick up from others. Getting outside and taking a breathe, taking in the sky or a tree can clear you of these energies very quickly;

  2. Keep an open mind; it is ok for you to have an opinion or belief about things; but don’t get too caught up in “either side”. In fact you are best to use these feelings and your passions to help navigate you onto your path of purpose. Keep out of the dividing energy as much as you can, and if it all gets too much, do yourself a favour and get off social media for a while.

  3. Spend some more time being active (if you have excess masculine energy) and/or creative if your feminine needs an outlet. This will be crucial to help you manage your gifts and again, get your heart and spiritual senses open to your highest potential on earth;

  4. As an Empath you need to be around people that understand you, give some time to you and worry about you; and allow yourself to talk and express how you feel to others. This is a very important to find and be with your tribe!

If you know or are starting to sense what is happening in the world is part of a massive shift (awakening), yet sense that not everything is quite what it seems or what we are being told, then it is important to be around people who are feeling the same. You might not be able to explain it or know why, but you know something is up, and it is important to know, understand and trust your own Soul’s wisdom more than ever. Rebecca-Lee would love to help you navigate a connection to your own Spirit so you may deeper understand your role in this great Awakening and how to determine what is truth for you!

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca-Lee’s work will take you deep into your heart and connect you to your Soul. Her work encompasses the mind, body and Spirit and takes you journeying through your energetic body, then into the higher ethers and beyond, whilst keeping you grounded in your body and on the Earth.

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